Secretary's Notes




Secretary Notes


I would remind everyone that once you have received your directory, check it over.  It will not be perfect nor without typos.  When you find errors please let your District Secretary know so she can compile a list and forward the corrections to me.  I will then publish the corrections in the next issue of Newslink. 


I will take a break from getting the directory ready for the printer and compose my Newslink article.  I can’t believe it is already February.  Which means the groundhog may see his shadow and we’ll have six more weeks of winter or spring is just around the corner.  I personally am ready for spring. 


It also means I have a birthday coming up next week.  This year my birthday will be bittersweet.  Not because I’m getting older but because I have lost two dear friends that shared that birthday with me.  One was exactly two years older and the other two years younger.  One succumbed to heart disease and the other to breast cancer.  Along with our birth date we shared a deep and abiding love of Christ and a strong support of the work of United Methodist Women.  I miss them both on an almost daily basis, but I will especially miss them on our birthday.  I know one thing for certain, and that is that they are both at home with their heavenly Father, and are happy, healthy and whole.  That is our assurance through Christ, the Son.


I hope you will take this time of Lent to reflect on your “spiritual” health and remember that only the Father knows the number of our days.


Vicki Easley,

Conference Secretary


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